[Wine] wine 1.0 and ie 5.5

mindwave wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jun 19 19:31:14 CDT 2008

ok, i'm NO expert but I can learn a LOT of things.

I have used wine very sparingly in the past, enough to know that IE, outlook and a few other "Win Only" apps will run. So when wine 1.9 was released i figure i HAD to have it.

but BOY its a lot different.

Installation was smooth, MDV rpms work as expected, but thats where it ends.

I use the same IE5.5 install source I have used in the past, and it SEEMS to work.

however when WINE IEXPLORE.EXE is run from the cli I get a 1/4 screen WHITE out and nothng more! nothing that says its crashed, just NOTHING.

now I have a VM of winxp that I could use, but I think thats over kill for my ifes pc, she just needs IE to access her citrix client.

I checked the docs here and they dont sem to have updated with the wine1.0 release.

if anyone has successfully done this, i would SURELY appreciate it.



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