[Wine] Re: RFC: Potential idea to consolidate forums and lists

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jun 19 20:45:26 CDT 2008

DanKegel wrote:
> I'm especially interested in feedback from
> forum-lovers about why Google Groups is or isn't good enough.
> Several people have said it isn't good enough,
> but they haven't been specific.  Perhaps they don't
> like the fact that you can't edit your posts after the fact?
> - Dan

I don't like it. First, because I don't want to have to sign up for yet another forum with yet another login and password,  second, because I don't like large corporations that think it's okay to track my web activity to feed me "appropriate" ads, and finally, because it looks and feels like just another Google group, not an official Wine support forum.

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