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On Fri, 2008-06-20 at 08:39 -0500, jpearls wrote:
> Thanks.
> 1. Solved
> 2. Unsolved
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> 4. Solved
> 5. Solved
> Nobody has a clue on this TF2 thing, eh?  I was under the impression with the popularity of the game, the platinum rating and/or gold on Wine and all the guides meant that it *might* actually work.
> However, despite my attempts of diagnosising the situation, I'm at a loss.
> I have the latest UbuntuAmd64 Stable.

Version number/name.  It doesn't suffice to say "the latest."

> I have the latest Wine Stable.

Version numbers, please.  Your idea of "the latest" might not
necessarily jive for reality, version numbers ensure everyone is on the
same page.

> If at least no one knows here, is there a more comprehensive "get tf2
> working on wine and unbuntu" venue?  I've also tried Ubuntu forms to
> no avail.

TF2 really either just works or it doesn't.  If you followed the
instructions in the AppDB for installing Steam and TF2, it should just
work.  Failing that, I wonder if you really have the right video drivers
installed.  One thing that would help tell is the output of 

$ glxinfo | grep rendering

> Any help is appreciated, gaming is literally the only thing keeping me
> on Windows.

I wouldn't keep that from stopping you from trying out the unix world's
selection of games until you get it working.  

> This is really Valve's responsibility.  Doom 3 might have sucked but
> id still has a far better open policy.

While it's true that id has a more open policy than Valve, I'm not sure
Doom 3 sucked at what it was trying to be.  The Doom franchise is id's
Fantasia.  It isn't so much about the storyline (yes, it's cheesy) as it
is about the eye candy.

Paul Johnson
baloo at ursine.ca
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