[Wine] How many votes would Trados need to get into support

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Sat Jun 21 01:20:47 CDT 2008


How I am seeing it, the cat is biting the tail. Translators are not to technical savy and most of them will never be able to debug anything. They will not be using Wine until the software is really working on it and Mac users are not bothered, they use parallel. 

I could start a list with the translators I know are using Linux and just dual booting for Trados. Now to get some votes, I would have to have a target so that most of the people don't see the votes going into the air for years. So I would describe my problems and please tell me how many votes I should gather to get a chance of anybody looking at it for sure.

So here I am talking in the voice of the many translators using Trados:

I would like to make some kind of process bar where the translators could register themselves and say if the bar reached xxx, it would come interesting for Wine to look at the few remaining bugs and try to debug them.
What should I enter as xxx?

*Status of the software:
- Mostly functional in demo mode. Some toolbar options (mostly the ones in contact with word) are missing.
I think this is not a big problem, they are already installed but seems not to appears. Cleaning the document (thus forcing Word to run and load the .dot file in the background) is letting these missing options appear.
- The possibility to work within Word is not possible. It is possible to load the macro's tool bar (.dot file) within word, all options are there, but when trying to use the macro, Word says it can't find/load the macro. The same macros are working perfectly when Word is used in the background by the software.
-  Since 0.9.59, one of the dependencies for the licensing utility is refusing to initialize. As a consequence, the licensing utility is not installing. The licensing tool itself is still installing, silently failing (you can only see the error message in the log).
- When the licensing utility had been installing, there was a black cmd window opening with the licensing server initializing. It was however crashing after a few seconds.
- Too big memories are hanging Wine.
- The window for Tag Editor is refreshing at every mouse movement. It's weary for the eye. It should only refresh when going to the next unit.
- When using Tag Editor, it's loosing the font of the source text. It's only using a linux-like font.

Otherwise, I have not encountered many problems during the use.
How many user should I find so that it gets worthwhile to look at?

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