[Wine] Re: Wine + World of Warcraft = video lag every 12 seconds

loltsy wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jun 21 07:43:07 CDT 2008

Faxanadu wrote:
> Ok my problem like the title says is, I have video lag every 11~13 seconds during 1 seconds, this happens in OpenGl or D3d mode, it isn't a sound, problem even with the sound deactivated the problem persist, I have tested in the following configurations:

Sounds like the same scheduler issue I was having introduced in 2.6.24. Try put this in /etc/sysctl.conf or /etc/sysctl.d/


and then run sysctl -p

These options are not available unless "Kernel debugging" (CONFIG_DEBUG_KERNEL) and "Collect sheduler debugging info" (CONFIG_SCHED_DEBUG) in "Kernel hacking" are enabled  so you most likely need to recompile.

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