[Wine] Re: Some hooks in 3 Star Wars games

jeffz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jun 21 20:48:47 CDT 2008

You need to file bug reports in bugzilla http://bugs.winehq.org if you or someone else hasn't already.

Bug reports are easy to do, 

Some things to keep in mind, search the existing bugs for the name of the app you are reporting a bug for or the symptoms you get.  If you're unsure if something has already been reported, report it anyway and it might be marked duplicate of an existing report by one of the admins.

When filing a report, select the wine version you tested with.  In the summary field, you might say something like: "Doom main menu is upsidedown" - so that anyone who just looks at the subject can get a reasonable idea of what it's about.

In the description field, describe the steps required to reproduce the problem, "cd to install directory, wine doom.exe and then the menu displays upsidedown"

attach any console output and provide a link to a demo if there's one that has the same issues.

If any more information is required beyond that then you will be asked to provide it.

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