[Wine] Re: autocad 2008 and wine

miciomax wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 22 11:01:34 CDT 2008

Well, the best you could do by now is to sponsor some developer to solve wine's problems for solidworks... or at least start analyzing it. If you really need it, that's the good way.
But it'll be far more expensive than an xp license, maybe with a vmware one.

I think wine developers are doing a really great job... 1 year ago I was thinking that autocad 2005+ would never run on wine because of dotnet... and now it does. So I think we're not far from 100% of apps running on wine.
Of course, we still need some speed improvements, but it can be done... now I'm seeing the end of the tunnel  :) 

Did you try to debug solidworks on wine ? Maybe that's less difficult than you can think... That happened to autocad, that was laying aroung for years before a stupid installation problem solved brought it back to live.

Me too I do use autocad2005 for my job, not just to see drawings, but I don't miss the features on 2006+ versions... nobody I know uses them :-)


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