[Wine] Tales of Pirates: mouse regression

Marc budalokkos at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 19:23:13 CDT 2008

There was a regression in Wine introduced in version 0.9.57 for Tales of 
Pirates v.1.37: the mouse disappears during the start of the game. There 
is an easy workaround stated by Henrik Zimmer ( 
It is only necessary to press a strange key on your keyboard and the 
mouse appears again.

I thought it was my moment to learn how to perform a Regression Test and 
I did it successfully, but now I have my doubts if I should post it to 
Bugzilla because:
-The workaround is so easy !!
-There are some patches around for animated cursors so maybe wine-devs 
are more worried about some more useful things than this.
-There are zillions of more important bugs in bugzilla.

So, is this the moment for me to learn how to post a bug to bugzilla, or 
better wait for a bigger problem.

Marc ///

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