[Wine] Re: Mouse warping, toggle option

superevilspacemonkey wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jun 23 05:28:17 CDT 2008

Hi guys, I'm a bit of a newb so please excuse 'obvious' questions.

I think I'm experiencing mouse-warping problems with MOHAA (which I think runs on the quake engine by id):
The game starts up and runs fine (fullscreen mode), however the mouse seems to be locked in an imaginary "window", i.e. it seems to be limited to a border.

I have not yet tried to overide any dll's (frankly i'm not sure where to start).

Firstly is this a "mouse warping" issue?
Is there a workaround (or something obvious) i'm missing?

Other than the above I am very pleasantly surprised by the improved performance (running Win games on Linux is better than running them in Win!!!!); this goes for Abe's oddysey, Unreal Tournament and MOHAA (barring this issue).

My distro is OpenSuse 10.3 (KDE), and I have the legacy NVidia drivers installed and working(?) for my Riva TNT2

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