[Wine] Numeric Keyboard does not work Wine 1.0 + Putty 0.60

Max Rebo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 24 11:07:34 CDT 2008

I have searched for this problem and found this link that says this problem was fixed (for WoW) in Wine 0.9.32 :


Is anyone else having problems with the numeric keypad not showing numbers under Wine 1.0 ?

I have everything working for putty except this crippling problem.  I don't feel I can offer a terminal emulator solution where you cannot use the entire keyboard.

At this time I am going to dry to downgrade to the 0.9.32 version of Wine to see if the numeric keypad works there.  I would imagine if this fixes the numeric keypad for WoW it will work for a terminal emulator.  

I just need the numbers to show when you press the keys when the numlock is on.

I have signed up for the bug list and I want to sign up for a maintainer under the AppDB if I can make this work for me.  In either case I will get out the tricks I learned to get some important things working for putty .60 under wine.

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