[Wine] Taxcalc and IE technology

Tony Pursell ajp at princeswalk.fsnet.co.uk
Tue Jun 24 15:18:52 CDT 2008

Hi All

I recently sent an email to the developers of Taxcalc and got 
quite a positive reply from them.  (Their full email and my emails 
to them are below).

As you will see they currently rely on "Internet Explorer 
technology" for their product.  Is this a complete showstopper as 
far as running TaxCalc with Wine?  I assume they rely on 
having IE installed.

Tony Pursell
AppDB maintainer for Taxcalc


Dear Mr Pursell

Thank you for your email.

Yes, we are considering Linux and Mac OSX versions for the 
future and
are looking into ways of doing this at the moment.
Our current reliance on Internet Explorer technology does cause 
with this but, again, we are looking into other options here.

Nothing will happen this year but it would be nice to think that 
could offer this solution for TaxCalc 2009. If you don't mind I will
keep a note of your details and contact you if and when we have 

The summary export retains a lot of formatting settings but, 
CSV would
be better than nothing as a fall-back. It is an interesting thought
though ... I will discuss this with the other developers. It is worth
noting that the screens displayed are effectively HTML and as 
such, if
you 'drag-select' the content and paste into open office 
spreadsheet you
may get a similar result.

Thank you once again for your feedback.

Kind regards
Greg Case

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From: Tony Pursell [ mailto:ajp at princeswalk.fsnet.co.uk]  
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Subject: Survey, etc

I have just completed your survey.

I notice that you have Linux (with Windows emulation) listed as
one of the selections under operating systems.  I would very
much like to move over to Linux as my usual operating system
but your's is one of the programs that locks me into Windows.  I
have tried to run TaxCalc experimentally on Ubuntu Linux using
Wine, but with no success.  Do you know if anyone has done
this successfully?  If not, would it be of interest to you to know if
it can be done?


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