[Wine] Re: Warhammer Online on Wine 1.0

tinytony wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jun 26 08:54:11 CDT 2008

Heinrich wrote:
> So how did you get it runing? By the way, the NDA only forbids you to talk about the game and its contents, but you are allowed to talk about how you made it run.
> (Please, don't make me begging on my knees)

Hehe of course, I was just pointing out that it would be easier if I could show the issues in the game with a screenshot or something similar.
I'm not sure how I can help you since it just worked in Linux after I patched the game in windows. Perhaps you could try playing around with different settings in wine? Your output from wine seems to be the same as mine, I get those err:d3d messages as well. I did however not install the game using wine, I just copied the dir from my ntfs partition, you might want to try that as well.
Just ask away if you know any info that might help you.

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