[Wine] Re: Wine & VFat

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jun 26 08:56:16 CDT 2008

richardrosa wrote:
> Greetings All, 
>   I recently installed SUSE 11 64 bit and Wine v1 and have run into a strange problem.
> Most of the Windows applications that I try to run fail  DLL loading if the application
> is installed on a FAT32 formatted disk. If I copy the application files to an EXT2 formatted
> partition, Wine will run these applications without any problems. Prior to installing 
> SUSE 11, I was running SUSE 10.3, and these applications ran fine from the same FAT32
> drives. 
>  Is this a known problem? Aside from moving the applications, is there something else
> that can be done? 

Yes there are few known problems with vfat partitions. Just don't use them with Wine.

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