[Wine] Re: Numeric Keypad does not work Wine 1.0 + Notepad + Putty 0.60

Max Rebo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jun 26 09:42:40 CDT 2008

dimesio wrote:
> > Can anyone confirm that their numeric keypad -IS- working for them under wine 1.0 (numbers 0-9, /*-+. not just the directional keys) ? What linux distro? 
> Do you mean in general, or just under putty? I don't have putty, but my numeric keypad works perfectly under all my Wine programs. OpenSUSE 10.3 (32 bit) and Wine 1.0 (and I never had a problem with the numeric keypad in any previous version of Wine either).
> I think this is something specific to your install; other people would have noticed and complained about it if it were a widespread problem. 
> Have you tried deleting the .wine directory and reinstalling?

AIIII!  I have further refined the problem.  Feel a little foolish for not including a little bit of information.  I did not even have any idea it was an issue until now!

I am running Wine 1.0/PuTTY .60 on a SuSE 10.3 AMD box -BUT- I was testing this totally through a VNC connection from a windows box!!! ARG!

I got my sorry ass out of my chair and ran putty/Wine directly on the linux box and YAY IT WORKS.

So my problem is either a CMOS setting on my computer regarding my keyboard or a VNC setting/deficiency (I think the latter).

I feel much better that I can run the latest and greatest Wine and PuTTY now.  I have several machines on the shop floor that I want to convert to linux from windows as soon as possible.  The remaining PC's will be converted as time permits.  We're talking around 70 PC's.

I am -SO- happy!  8D

Of course, I want this to work under VNC, also, but this gets me off the dime!  I will check the VNC/CMOS stuff as soon as possible and report anything needed.  I'm running tightvnc server on SuSE and realvnc 4.0 on the PC.  (I'm wondering if going to tightvnc on windows will fix things.)

When all is put to bed I will go to the appDB and post all of my tricks to help out the next person in line.

Thanks for the help so far.  Sorry, looki, I don't think my solution is going to help you unless VNC is involved.

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