[Wine] Re: Numeric Keypad does not work Wine 1.0 + Putty .60 - RESOLVED

Max Rebo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jun 26 11:12:55 CDT 2008

Austin: Thanks for the link.  I had just confirmed that this problem exists in the VNC session and most likely not the keyboard/CMOS configuration.

I tested using tightVNC and got the same results.  :(

Linux under VNC responds to the numeric keypad as anticipated (duh).  It does not when Wine is part of the mix (arg). 

The information from the link suggests that this is not going to be addressed anytime soon (age of issue -and- complexity).

looki you might check the link Austin provided and vote for a fix (FWIW).

I can live with this issue since the IT department would be the only ones affected by this issue (as things stand now).  It is a pain to not be able to bang away at the keypad when on a roll, though.

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