[Wine] LDS Scripture Search Reverse Text

srilyk wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jun 26 14:28:53 CDT 2008


I'm running ubuntu 8.04, wine-1.0, and I used the recommended package installation script (hardy.sh).

A bit of background on the problem - there was no problem at some point prior to my upgrade to ubuntu 8.04 (I hadn't used the program for some time). I could use the search function just fine.

After my upgrade, when you used the "search" function, it would crash the program. I finally figured out that it only occured when the search box was selected (either clicking into it with the mouse, or using tab).

After updating to wine-1.0 it doesn't crash, but it has a strange and sort of crippling behavior. When you type in the search box, it moves the cursor to the beginning and inserts a space. For instance, typing "hello" would output "     olleh" (that's 5 spaces). It's possible to type the word backward (olleh) and search that way, but it's not the most graceful fix to my problem (also it takes more concentration, especially if it's a long word, like charity).

I've logged running the program, typing in "hellow", pressing enter (a window pops up saying no hits found), pressing space for OK, typing "olleh", pressing enter (a box pops up saying no hits found), pressing space for OK, and then pushing alt+f4 to quit. Here's my log file: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dccvcjf7_0c6d64zds

Thanks for any help!

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