[Wine] Sins of a Solar Empire

Jochen blackdrag at gmx.org
Thu Jun 26 12:22:48 CDT 2008

jeffz schrieb:
> Looks like they consider Linux and Wine a "waste of their time"
>> As suggested by TFL BigBANGtheory here is a basic guide to
>> installing
>> Sins of a Solar Empire on Linux using Wine. Please note that Linux is
>> not officially supported by Stardock or Ironclad. Also, please do not
>> send in any minidumps that are generated while running Sins on Linux.
>> The problem may be Linux/Wine related and not a problem with Sins itself
>> so we don't need the nice devs wasting their time looking at them - they
>> have enough work already.
> http://forums.sinsofasolarempire.com/171844

that won't help if you want to install from the cdrom, because when you 
do so you end up with lots of empty directories. Is there a way to 
install a native msi that can handle this?

bye Jochen

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