[Wine] Re: I don't know how to compile Wine!

looki wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jun 28 10:22:00 CDT 2008

to compile wine u need some packages, on opensuse im using zypper or yast2 -i for it. the package u just need may be called xorg-x11-devel (on opensuse).

if the configure script bothers for missing files, i recommend to download them. sure u need not all of them, for example u may not need isdn support or digital camera support.
but to be sure all will be fine u can download them all, because there are not really much files needed.

btw the devel files arnt needed to run wine, they are needed to compile it, this will happen to you offten when you need to compile software. but this wont slow your system down, it just blows it up a bit.

if u have a 64bit linux, it can happen to you, that you will come in much trouble, because wine is 32 bit and that means u need all the 32bit devel files.

after downloading the needed files, do ./configure again, until it stops asking for missing files. then go on with "make depend".

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