[Wine] Wine + OS X: no default printer

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Sat Jun 28 21:14:35 CDT 2008

unnocni wrote:
> I've installed the MacPorts package for Wine (wine 1.0). 
> I'm using OS X Leopard with X11. From OS X applications, I can print to my default printer. I also have CUPS-PDF installed and that too is working for my OS X applications.
> My Windows applications run well but they complain about the lack of a default printer. 
> In Linux (Ubuntu), Wine detects the printer from CUPS. Is it possible to get Wine's printing working in OS X/X11?
What is interesting is that Darwine 1.0-2 is detecting a printer that no 
longer exists on my system.  I was not able to print to a pdf file. I 
will look at updating my printer setup to include the CUPS-PDF printer 
as well to see if I can print to PDF files.  The file appears to have 
printed to the non-existent printer as I received no error messages back.

Also, what version of XQuartz are you using?  There are SERIOUS problems 
with the original X11 that shipped with Leopard and it is highly 
recommended you install the latest version of XQuartz (which is the same 
that will ship with Leopard 10.5.4, when it becomes available.)

James McKenzie

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