[Wine] Re: wine only installed on linux?

Timeout wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 29 02:17:15 CDT 2008

Paul Johnson wrote:
> It already is a rental situation.  Take a look at the EULA.  Microsoft
> may revoke your license to use Windows any time, for any reason, without
> notice.  They also recently change the EULA with XP SP2 (or was it SP1?)
> that allows Microsoft arbitrary read/write/delete access to all files on
> any Windows machine without notice.  Nothing like being subject to
> invasive search inside your own home, eh?

This is one of the reasons that I went to Linux. I have set my firewall to block everything I don't want 100% (no automatic update), and I have the stand from 2004 where this was not in place / automatic updates turned off. I don't even let Java make an update.
Of course this is not a solution and I am aware of it
I know there is a bookeeping software for Austria that is working platinum in Wine according the developer and the AppDB so that I can change the software for the change of the year, I need Trados (for all files formats - most of them Windows proprietary that I can accross) and an OCR scanner and I am pretty optimistic that I can get rid of Windows with the change of the bookeeping software. Everything else had already been more or less replaced. 

Big brother watching is not my concern and most people are not reading the EULA, but as a business, it could be catastrophic if Windows decides for me to delete a file - after all files are the basis of my work and with no file - no work and no money and if I keep loosing the files of a certain format, I would loose the client too.

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