[Wine] Re: Cannot Install Wine

Forester wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 29 10:30:19 CDT 2008

Ok.  You are using Ubuntu so I  might be able to help since I do too.  I tend to use adept, but it should not be that different from synaptic.

The clue here is the word "held" in:

> Can not install 'wine' (E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.)

Hmm ... it would be nice if you could copy/paste the exact message you get 'cos I haven't seen it before.

What it suggests is that Wine will not install because a package on which it depends cannot be upgraded because it is marked as 'on hold'.  Perhaps you clicked the wrong button sometime in the past without realising it (I do that all the time  [Laughing] ) or perhaps you had problems installing some unusual application in the past.

The first thing to do is to try to find out which packages(s) are held.  In a console type the following:

dpkg -l | grep -v '^ii '

This will list all the packages that are not in the normal 'Install Installed' state.  If the list is not very long, paste it back into your reply and we'll where we go from there.

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