[Wine] Re: Wow 10 days-version

Forester wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jun 30 01:24:26 CDT 2008


The console messages are normal and don't tell anything.

Do you know what is supposed to happen under native (real) Windows ?  At least two possibilities come to mind.

One is that you need to scroll to the bottom of the licence agreement (pretending you have read it all the way through) before you can 'accept' it.

Another is that there is a window control (a checkbox perhaps) that hasn't been displayed.

In the first case, bug 4756, bug 13864 and  bug 11298 each describe pretty much the same thing for some other application.  According to the fix list, bug 13864 is fixed in Wine 1.1.0 so you might like to try that (you didn't say which version of Wine you are running and you really, really should if you want people to help).

In the second case, try tabbing around the screen.  The hidden control might magically appear.  It might not.  If it doesn't, the cursor might disappear and reappear.  Tab round until the cursor disappears and click your left mouse button.  Again, the hidden control might appear, it might not.  Tabbing not move the cursor.  Try clicking just to the left of the 'I accept' text (or the right or whereever the screen layout suggests a hidden control might lie).

If that doesn't work,  try installing the application under Windows and note down exactly how you get the licence agreement agreed etc.  Then try again under Wine 1.1.0.  If you still have a problem, raise a bug report, especially if you've got the same symptoms as bug 13864.

If you get your application installed, let the forum know how you did it.

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