[Wine] Re: Wow 10 days-version

annulaire wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jun 30 07:27:49 CDT 2008

Thanks for the rapid answer.

For the wine version point, i try the 0.9.....  which is include in the mandriva's repository, next the 1.0.1 verion and even the 1.1.0 which i use now.
I don't know if can change something but i have a 64 bit cpu.

You're right I should scroll to the bottom of the licence to accept it but the scroll is at the bottom of the windows. And the licence windows don't the focus and if i try to accpet it, sounds a hardware noise. 

Here I am.  I don't detalle the bug 4756, bug 13864 and bug 11298 now. But i 'll try them this evening/night.

Thanks another time for answer. If i'll find something i'll post...

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