[Wine] Rosetta Stone Microphone Detection

Jason Weisberger jbdubbs at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 19:28:08 CDT 2008

All hail the day my audio problems with Wine stop! :)

So, to recap my system configuration:

hw 0,0 is my X-Fi
hw 1,0 is onboard Intel HD Audio
hw 2,0 is my AK5370 Logitech USB Microphone

I finally have all of these devices working properly in Wine, or so I
thought.  Both sound cards work in Ventrilo and WoW.  The Logitech USB Mic
works in Ventrilo, so it must be configured properly, right?  Rosetta stone
uses some sort of convoluted Microphone detection that either doesn't work
in Wine, or I haven't configured it properly.  Instead of just offering me
mixer and device options like Ventrilo or any other sane program, it tries
to "detect" it, says it failed, and doesn't allow me to point it in the
right direction.

Anything I've missed?

Jason Weisberger
jbdubbs at gmail.com
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