[Wine] OS X wine port install error

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Mon Jun 30 22:51:56 CDT 2008

god720 wrote:
> I tried Darwine, and it didn't work. Plus, isn't that for PowerPC?
No.  There are two versions, one for the PowerPC, which is very much out 
of date, and one for Intel, of which there are several builders.  The 
PowerPC version of Darwine relies on a X86 emulator that needs to be 
worked on.  If you visit MikesMassiveMess, Mike Kronenberg builds Intel 
Darwine with a drag and drop installer (.dmg), which is what I use.  
Zach Taylor also provides Darwine builds as well, and they use the Apple 
installer (.pkg).
The versions available from darwine.sourceforge.net were 0.9.23, which 
is very old.  I have not checked the site lately.
James McKenzie

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