[Wine] Re: Mailing list <-> forum gateway

Peter wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu May 1 00:45:03 CDT 2008

A health list has...
... noobs 
... more experienced noobs that help the noobs,
... advanced noobs that help themselfs and the less experienced noobs,
... expert noobs that help themselfs, less experienced and the geek noobs
... geek noobs those that start to look for the next level of noob being. (i.e. devlist)


so please no split :P

For everything else I recommend to take the Time and try to explain things to a noob. Only if you have no trouble in explaining then you realy know it.
Test yourself today and answer a noob question!!

And keep in mind. Only the true geek wants to be noob for eternity.

(One reason I love Linux ;) )

Have Fun and enjoy the choice.

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