[Wine] Wineserver causing heavy CPU load

Mario Goebbels me at tomservo.cc
Fri May 2 06:20:03 CDT 2008

> I've seen that, too.  If you use strace -p on it, what is it doing?

I've the same issue under Solaris, depending on what tool I run. I can
reproduce it for instance with uTorrent (there isn't a decent torrent
client that compiles on Solaris without sacrificing a newborn). I've
trussed it (strace equivalent) and the result is a logfile full of
exactly this:

pollsys(0x080D95F8, 72, 0x08047A38, 0x00000000)	= 1
recvmsg(26, 0x080B4294, 0)			= 0

Basically polling the living crap out of something.


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