[Wine] yahoo messenger 8 - not working

theratzul wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 2 07:56:00 CDT 2008

Hello dear linux users that hate so much the microsoft corporation. :)
 I am a usual user of kanotix or mandriva distros and I want to eradicate my windows simulation from my vmware machine but  I can't because I need some win softwares like yahoo messenger.
  I have installed on my sistem kopete with the webcam for yahoo or ghyachy but is not the same. I want all the features from the windows yahoo client such as file transfer webcam or microphone.On my sistem I use the last wine update and I have installed the win yahoo client.All worked fine ,but when I try to connect an error connection appears.I tried to connect  with a proxy or with no firewall but it didn't worked.
  Please give me a support on this matter.

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