[Wine] Re: Carrara 6 on WINE 0.9.59, Ubuntu Hardy 8.04, Gnome 2.22.1...

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 2 14:32:38 CDT 2008

VitalBodies wrote:
> If you experience problems when using visual effects, it is advisable to disable them by opening System ¸ Preferences ¸ Appearance ¸ Visual Effects and selecting No effects.
> System ¸ Preferences ¸ Appearance ¸ Visual Effects > None Provides a simple desktop environment without any visual effects. 
> Is this what you mean? Mine was set to none. 

No. Run 
ps ax | grep -i compiz

 and check if anything is listed. If it is - you have a problem.
Have you checked your video drivers? What version?

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