[Wine] Re: Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 2 21:19:59 CDT 2008

Harkainos wrote:
> i am running the game in wine, from the linux partition. I was referring to the virtual system32 that wine has. I filled it with the literal - afaik this is common, in order to keep all the .dll files where wine can find them.
> This game is installed through wine.

You did not understand what I said. DO NOT EVER copy _ALL_ dlls from windows!!! You broke Wine beyond repair. The only way to fix that is to let Wine re-create all the proper files that should be there.

If you say it's common way - yeah I guess (even I've see it from total noobs only) but 100% guarantee to get non-working Wine.

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