[Wine] Wine and security, keeping viruses contained

JerryQuest wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 3 03:18:04 CDT 2008

Hello everybody, I think Wine is a great project. I am still new to linux (running Ubuntu, for that matter) but I have started to delve into rights management and security, so I have a question concerning the setup of Wine: Is it really advisable to link so many of may Linux home folders to the simulated Windows environment? If a windows virus deploys within the simulation and tries to delete *.doc files, for example - a lot of such viruses exist - then it could do so within my home directory on the Linux side, correct?
So I tried to delete all the preconfigured links between Wine/windows-directories and my "home" directory. the relevant lines are just blank now (I use winecfg from my ubuntu/gnome applications menu).
However, when I tried a windows program (old game Jedi Knight 2, btw), it asked whether it should create a link on my desktop. Which I told it to do, believing that the link would end up within home/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/... /desktop
Which it did, but it also showed up on my linux desktop (home/.../desktop). So the link is still between windows desktop and linu desktop is still working, right? And what about the other links to my home directories, are they working too?

How can I switch this off, and should I do it? Is this dangerous or not?

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