[Wine] Re: Winelib and windows.h

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 4 17:20:04 CDT 2008

chrismcb wrote:
> As far as I know I got the whole wine.
> I followed the wine installation instructions at http://www.winehq.org/site/download-deb
> I've followed the instructions http://www.winehq.org/site/docs/winelib-guide/winelib-getting-started in how to port my project over. (there isn't much to it)
> I've read all of the documentation that can I find. And nothing mentions doing anything to point the Include variable, or where to point it to. Or what to do so windows.h and other system includes can be found.

Include dirs would be "/usr/include" or "/usr/lib/wine/includr". Not sure you really need to look at where packages put that stuff.

Honestly if you consider porting your application to Linux winelib would be the bad choice. It ties your application to specific Wine version and impose number of restrictions. The most significant - you still have to run your program through Wine. It will not be a standalone app.

What is more suggested is to:
1. Make your application work properly under Wine by fixing Wine.
2. Write 100% native port of your application.

1) gives you an advantage of having same codebase for all OSes. 2) allows you to use OS specific features and better system integration.

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