[Wine] Re: key jamming

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 4 19:38:04 CDT 2008

kazuki wrote:
> i'm new to linux n i'm loving it all the way.
> right now i'm using mandriva one 2008 spring, i tried win 0.9.60 and i just installed 0.9.61.
> i noticed a strange behavior from both versions that when i tried playing windows games, sometimes the key will jam, and it will remain jammed even after i quit wine until i rebooted. this has never happened before.
> the key jamming doesn't happen immediately, it happens about 5 - 10 mins within playing a game or etc.

This is not Wine problem if it happens even when Wine is not running. It's been reports that some mouse emulators (where you can emulate mouse from keyboard) introduce this problem.

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