[Wine] Wine and Dual core CPU

Dean Hamstead dean at fragfest.com.au
Mon May 5 17:20:31 CDT 2008

wow may not be using 2 cores in windows, it just may look like it as 
windows will flip processes between the cores (giving the illusion of a 
program using more than one core) - linux will tend to keep them on one core

you can try changing your scheduler and see if you can squeeze more 
performance out. tweaking settings in the video drivers will also give 
performance increases, not to mention 'nice' can help smooth things when 
used with care.


PleegWat wrote:
> dabbill wrote:
>> The main one i notice it on is World of Warcraft. Also noticed when i 
>> am installing stuff with wine it only uses 1 core.
> I noticed wow only uses one core on wine too. However, I can't say I've 
> ever noticed it using both intensively on windows, so it may not be a 
> wine problem at all.


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