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NN wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue May 6 01:39:53 CDT 2008

In looking forward to the release of wine 1.0 I have a question about "Browse Applications by Rating"

When adding test data you can only add reports on what looks like the last 6 releases? Eg wine versions 0.956 / 0.957 /0.958 /0.959 /0.960 

Do these stat's on "Browse Applications by Rating" report this?
If not what does this actually report? Older versions if so how old? Can we have Change the reporting breakdown the ratings into something 

more clearer, to aid people on the project? And have a truer snapshot of wine and the apps in the appdb?
It still allows you to keep the history of previous ratings for each

Rating	Description	No. Apps
Platinum	Applications that install and run out of the box	1410
        Version  Release Description                Breakdown of test results
        1.000    Stable (2008-06-06)                507
        0.961    Developer Beta  (2008-05-02)       500
        0.960    Developer Alpha (2008-??-??)       300
        0.959    Developer Alpha (2008-??-??)       100
        0.958    Developer Alpha (2008-??-??)       100
        0.957    Developer Alpha (2008-??-??)       100
        Older    Retesting of these applications against a recent version of wine is need (eg:preferably the most current )  100
Gold	Applications that work flawlessly with some DLL overrides, other settings or third party software.	1707
Silver	Applications that work excellently for 'normal use'	1164
Bronze	Applications that work but have some issues, even for 'normal use'	1042
Garbage	Applications that don't work as intended, there should be at least one bug report if an app gets this rating	2441

I see it listing only the say the last two to four developer releases of wine (the oldest being rolled up in to the "Older"summary) and each 

stable release of wine staying on the list?
In each Application, if the previous rating say platinum in wine 0.960 then Bronze in wine 0.961 then shouldn't bronze be the status for the 

most current developer version of wine for the program? What happens when the stable release of wine comes out, will users only be expecting 

the application rating to reflect how it works with the stable release?
"should'n't the current test only be shown"?			
based first on the version of wine then the date of the submission			
I am aware that currently the appdb database test for old version's of wine already and label the application with "Old test results" box 




Roderick Colenbrander comment's  "A while ago there was a discussion at wine-devel about redoing the appdb rating
(I also posted a lot of bullets to the appdb rating page at the wiki).
Basically there is nu uniform rating method and apps I would rate lets say
silver would be rated platinum by others because they consider native dlls and
cracks fine. So far nothing has been done about it and personally I would
change this bug to redo the whole rating mechanism."
Just some food for thought.

Going forward the website needs to be easier to maintain without going thru hoops to remove stale pages, by directing to wiki so it can be 


12900   enh  	P2  	othe  	wine-bugs at winehq.org  	UNCO  	  	Update links in "development" section to point to wiki if possible
12901 	enh 	P2 	othe 	wine-bugs at winehq.org 	UNCO 		Update links in "about" section to point to wiki if possible
12903 	enh 	P2 	othe 	wine-bugs at winehq.org 	UNCO 		Update links in "Support" section to point to wiki if possible
13003 	enh 	P2 	othe 	wine-bugs at winehq.org 	UNCO 		Update to "Add Test Data" page remove reference to csv
12899 	enh 	P5 	othe 	wine-bugs at winehq.org 	UNCO 		Add link to "WineHQ Menu" to "Wine Forums" 

Sorry for the Brain dump,


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