[Wine] Gtk warning made xwine exit with fatal error

hussam wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue May 6 12:03:06 CDT 2008


I am trying to  use wine-0.9.25 on debian etch 2.6.18 (My objectif is to run office over my debian so i can abandon windows completly ... ).

When i try to configure the xwine through its interface, I get a 2 warning from Gtk : 

  - gtk_widget_size_allocate()

  - locale not supported by C library

which make xwine shuts down due to a crach of process xxxx (segmentation fault).

( I tried to install office without running xwine, it start to be installed then it crash before finishing the installation) 

I hope that my question does not sound too novice ( which i am because this is my first use of wine) but I searched the forums and did not found related threads. 

I appreciate any help or directions to solve the problem. 

Thanks in advance

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