[Wine] Propellerhead Reason Install Problem.

UbuntuUser49 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue May 6 19:18:48 CDT 2008

Hi, I am new to the forums, and I love WINE its really awesome!
Well, I am trying to install a program called Reason (3.0.4), It has 3 CDs to fully install it, I install off the first one perfectly, then It asks me for the second Disc, so I take out the first disc then I insert the second but it doesnt do anything. The 3 CDs are not the original retail CDs, They are backups incase I ever lost the originals (Which I did). Do I need to mumble around in the WINE Settings? Is it my CD Drive? Is it the Actual CDs? Help would REALLY be appreciated! Thank you for your time.

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