[Wine] Compiling 0.9.61 with Mac OS X Leopard

zach at drayer.name zach at drayer.name
Tue May 6 21:10:35 CDT 2008


I'm trying to compile Wine 0.9.61 with Mac OS X Leopard.  I've got the
latest XCode installed and have compiled previous versions, most recently
0.9.60 without problem, but i'm having a problem with 0.9.61 :\

./configure runs fine (with "--without-hal --without-capi" if it matters;
i dont have libhal or libcapi20 installed) but when I run make, it errors
and stops building when it gets to crtdll.

I've attached the make log (make > 2&> make.txt and tar.bz2'd up) though i
think the only relevant part is in the last 15-20 lines.. Sorry if
attachments are bad etiquette / the attachment is too big or something -
just trying to be thorough.


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