[Wine] TF2 hangs when i try to join a server.

Kromgol wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 7 03:21:19 CDT 2008


I got a real problem as TF2 is my favorite game, when i start steam
and click on Team Fortress 2, it loads and the menu shows up, but when
i try to join a server whole TF2 hangs! So i'm forced to "Kill
process" to make it shut down, i've tried running it in a virtual
screen etc. but nothing works.
But it does work with Crossover Office Pro and Crossover Games, so i
don't understand why it shouldn't in normal Wine, but indeed, the
crossover products are modified versions of Wine or something like

Anyone got any advices? I could live with it and run it on Crossover,
but it would be nice to have it working on wine too.


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