[Wine] Re: MacOSX and OpengGL

yochenhsieh wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 7 07:35:56 CDT 2008

Micha³ Majchrowicz wrote:
> I have leopard
> X -version
> TransformProcessType: Success
> X11.app starting:
> X.org Release 7.2
> X.Org Xquartz X Server 1.3.0-apple5
> Build Date: 20080109
> but unfortunatelly this doesn't
> Okay wine compiles fine with OpenGL support. But I am unable to make wine work.
> I get a lot of this when I run Direct3D/OpenGL app trough wine:
> err:wgl:X11DRV_wglGetProcAddress No libGL on this box - disabling
> OpenGL support !§

This is interesting. I'm using Linux and I have same error messages as you have in Mac. Please see 

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