[Wine] Various Doubts About Wine

Randall Flagg wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 7 08:07:03 CDT 2008

Well, I'm using Hardy Heron from the last release of Ubuntu, and everything runs almost perfect with wine ...  :? 

But I'm Having problems when I'm trying games.. Dunno, for example, I've tried Call Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, and got a little problem (mostly for my video card that is a little old :( ).
The First problem came with the error of the installer of the game, that sayed: You need Windows Media Player 6 or above to run this installation..

Ok, cool, so I installed Windows Media 9. But There was another problem that happend mi allot with games on Wine.
Becouse every game comes in the default 800x600 resolution, the game starts like that, but if for any reason (call it "X") the game Is having trouble running, then, (still in 800x600 res) go back to my ubuntu desktop, my resolution stays in 800x600, even thou I use regular at home 1280x1024...

In some cases, like it happen to me yestarday, I cant even use mouse, and in all the cases this happends to me, I have to press Control+Alt+BackSpace...

theres no problem resenting the video setting like that, but I don't think is the solution to that kind of problem.
Ah! almost forget, triying to go back to my normal resolution, I've tried to close every .exe aplicattion running, and everything conserning Wine throw the monitor system..

Any clue?

Then I have a doubt...
I have two HDDs, one have the ubuntu, and the other have windows xp(need this to run the phothosop cs3 ;) ..)
Shouldn't it run better the wine if I copy all the C:\WINDOWS directory to the wine drive_c directory?
just an idea...

I've tried that really in gutsy, and I aaaaalmost got the PS cs3 to run..!
But got stuck with the beggining splash (and at the back the PS window well rendered)

Well, thanks in advance  [Wink]

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