[Wine] Wine and Dual core CPU

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Wed May 7 08:54:42 CDT 2008

dabbill wrote:
> I have searched the forums and cant seem to find an answer. I have noticed that when i run games and programs under wine its only useing 1 core. While when i run native Linux apps they use both cores. Also the games and programs that i am running under wine use both cores when run under windows. Is this a bug, or maybe just something i dont have setup correcly on my computer.
> Computer specs.
> 4600+ AMD dual core.
> 2gig RAM
> 160gig sata II HD
> Geforce 8800GT video card.
> Ubuntu 8.04
It works the same way on an Intel Mac, which is good when a program 
decides that it 'needs' all of one of the cores.  I've had problems with 
Windows on a Dual Core appearing like it was locked up.  Got the Task 
Manager to run and one process was consuming 99% of the CPU.

I hope that Wine can be rewritten to use n-1 cores, which will leave at 
least one core 'open' in case of a runaway process.

James McKenzie

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