[Wine] Ubuntu Hardy + Wine + WoW = corrupted graphics

Michael S. Peek peek at tiem.utk.edu
Wed May 7 11:08:35 CDT 2008

Hello all,

I've got a laptop w/ an "Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML" 
graphics card (I know, Intel sucks) running Ubuntu Hardy and Wine 

I've had problems getting World of Warcraft to run under wine before, so 
when I upgraded to Hardy I thought I would try it again.  At least in 
the past I could run WoW using the built-in d3d engine (instead of 
opengl) and it would be usable, just not fast.  But now things have 
gotten a /LOT/ worse.  I get lots of video problems:

- Blue flickering whenever a window or icon underneath the wine window 
scrolls or updates itself, or whenever I click the mouse in the wine window.

- Moving the wine window around causes bits of itself to be left behind 
on the desktop underneath, both on the desktop and in the windows of 
other applications.

- The wine window loses it's window decorations if moved or 

- When WoW is run full-screen the icons from the gnome panel underneath 
keep redrawing themselves over the wine display.

This only seems to happen when I'm running the game (happens in both 
-opengl and -d3d).  This doesn't happen at all if I just run something 
simple like winecfg or regedit.

I  have screenshots to show what I'm talking about.

- This image shows the garbage left behind on the desktop whenever the 
wine window is moved around the screen:


- This image shows the flickering that takes place whenever a window 
underneath the wine window changes and redraws itself.  (In this case 
the large blue square you see in the lower-left is an xterm window 
running ls.):


Has anyone else had problems like this?

Does anyone know a solution?

Thanks for your help,


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