[Wine] Re: Propellerhead Reason Install Problem.

Tlarhices wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 7 19:54:48 CDT 2008

I'll try to make it as simple as possible. If you have any problem, please report back.

The best is to launch it from it's folder (the CD rom)
Open a new terminal and launch :
cd /media/cdrom/

It should go to the good folder if you have only one CD drive.
If the exe you launched is inside a folder and not at the root of the disk, you will need to go inside this folder by typing :
cd name_of_the_folder
(The name should respect Upper and Lower cases)

There type :

It should output a list of the files on the CDrom, check that the exe file is in the list.
Then type :
wine name_of_the_exe.exe
(Replace name_of_the_exe.exe by the actual name of the exe file)

The installer should start.

You may have some problem ejecting the cd by using this command, if it's the case, please try :
wine /media/cdrom/name_of_the_exe.exe

If you have problem with one of the command, give the exact name of the exe and if it is in a specific folder and the messages outputted in the terminal.

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