[Wine] Re: Propellerhead Reason Install Problem.

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 7 21:48:53 CDT 2008

UbuntuUser49 wrote:
> @vitamin: I doubled clicked on Autorun.exe (On the first CD) and on the winecfg in "Drives" /media/cdrom/ (My CD DRive Im assuming) Is listed as Drive D:

Then scrap all you did so far.
1. Remove ~/.wine directory.
2. Run winecfg, go to the drives tab, find your cdrom.
3. Run 'winefile' open the "d:" drive (or whichever it is from 2) above)
4. Double click on autorun.exe

When asked for the next disk:
5. Open terminal and run 'wine eject'
6. Insert next disk
7. Continue with installation.

NOTE: When I say "run" that means "K-menu"/"Gnome menu" -> "Run command". Or you can run it from the terminal _FROM YOUR HOME_ directory.

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