[Wine] Re: Getting gamepad to work, detection problems.

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 7 21:55:18 CDT 2008

gnivler wrote:
> I have no output to the debug command also, which I had to execute with winedbg substituted for WINEDEBUG since I have no command WINEDEBUG that I can find.  I ran it with GH3.exe as the program.exe.  Zero output after getting into and exiting the game.

Wrong. WINEDEBUG is an environment variable. You still have to use "wine" after it. Read closer what I've said above.

gnivler wrote:
> Forgive my complete noob-ness in this regard. but you previously mentioned using chmod to make the device(s) usable by wine, and I tried this with 755 and 777 temporarily without any luck (on /dev/input/js0 and /dev/input/event7).

So what part did not work?

gnivler wrote:
> Is there more required than just that?  Like the DirectInput registry additions or similar?

You did not say what you want to do. So far you described what you did (which was all wrong). But not a single sentence stated what you need or what exactly doesn't work?

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