[Wine] Re: Getting gamepad to work, detection problems.

gnivler wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu May 8 01:50:33 CDT 2008

vitamin wrote:
> If your game looking for a particular device with specific name then it won't work on Wine. Linux drivers add manufacturer name at the front of the device name. There is nothing Wine can do about this. Ex:
> On windows: "Logitech MOMO Racing USB"
> On Wine: "Logitech  Logitech MOMO Racing"

Interesting and good to know.  I am not sure what GH3 is looking for in terms of a controller name but it certainly doesn't seem to be finding it :)  The game does not work with other guitar controllers like the one from Rock Band, even when played in Windows or on a console.  They have something proprietary going on, not sure what but I did some reading before.

[quote="vitamin]Doubt that will help. Native dinput doesn't work with joysticks on Wine. The hardware interface completely different.[/quote]

You are correct, in fact the native dinput and dinput8 seemed to kill even the keyboard working in the game.  Just grasping at straws really, I suspect this game won't work with Wine, based on the facts that the controller works in linux and Wine, but not with this game in Wine.

Did you have any ideas, relating maybe to WINEDEBUG=+dinput, that might shed more light on the process?  It didn't output anything as I said earlier, find_joydevs related etc, but I don't understand what that implies at any meaningful level.

Thanks either way

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