[Wine] Re: Homeworld 2 fails to launch

Tlarhices wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu May 8 20:29:33 CDT 2008

>> wine: Call from 0x7b841e00 to unimplemented function
>> ntoskrnl.exe.IoGetDeviceProperty, aborting 
This is a call to the kind of function that can be used by copy protection systems. In any case this specific function does not exists in wine currently (that's what the 'unimplemented function' is saying) so this game will not work right now under wine.
If this call is made only by the copy protection system then using that kind of 'patch' may be used as a really bad workaround, if this call is made by any other part of the program then it will still not work.

There is already a bug report for this problem here :
You can vote for it to show your interest in this bug and help solve it from bugzilla (like by answering Lei Zhang's question)

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