[Wine] Debian....0.9.61.... and crooked hands

Keith Brown spamtrap at hellmark.org
Thu May 8 20:48:06 CDT 2008

From: "Jonan" <wineforum-user at winehq.org>
> vitamin wrote:
>> In case you did not noticed that _is_ official Debian repository.
> That is debian _sid_ official repository. If I add it to my
> sources.list I'll have to set priorities for aptitude not no upgrade my
> hole system to an extremely unstable distro. 
> I think it's much easer to copy it to wine's repository, but it's just my opinion.

Uhm, as someone who's used sid for years, it isn't unstable, let alone 
extremely so. I've experienced just as many problems with my Stable and 
Testing machines as I have on the ones running Sid.

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