[Wine] Re: Code freeze, or catching up with new features

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 9 14:44:37 CDT 2008

stimpak wrote:
> wine has evolved too much in the recent years. and with the evolution new features have come. 
> but unfortunately a  program that tries to emulate a vast and complex system as windows are,has come to a point which it has flooded with bugs and "temp code".
> So the code freeze is a  refreshing point which allows the programmers - contributors to polish their code so it can take more beati... implant more features.
> im hoping to see to even more bugs squeezed in rc2 and without wanting to stress you up dont forget that many eyes in the world of linux are watching you!
> my wish is to make wine a powerful tool will enable everyday users to able to use their favorite (win/mac) application at linux - break the compatibility factor!

Don't excpect anything spectacular out of Wine-1.0. It might run said list of programs without major issues. Other then that it will still be the same - mediocre - wide range of broken apps. Because they are just that - broken apps that shouldn't even run at all, but they do because windows coded to hide bugs.

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